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From the deep woods, raging rivers, and mountains of Alaska, comes Rhoda, the up-and-coming singer/songwriter embracing the call to share light and hope with the world through her music. Her songs are an eclectic blend of sounds and feels that don't really fit inside one particular genre box. Feedback from listeners repeatedly report how "unique" Rhoda's vocals are, with vibratos reminiscent of Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton. The rhythms and temperature of her songs span in diversity from progressive bluegrass, to soulful styles akin to Amos Lee and Ray Lamontage, to playful, folksy tunes (think Rend Collective) that make you have to tap your foot and clap your hands. Banjos, guitars, stand-up bass, mandolins, ukes,  fun percussions, and a myriad of other instruments fill her songs with feel-good energy, faith infused lyrics, and hard to forget melodies. 

Rhoda has been writing and singing songs since she was 11 years old. She placed her music on the back burner for many years, busy raising her family of five children and founding a faith-based social work agency. One year ago, Rhoda faced a moment of awakening in her life when she was given a diagnosis of the beginnings of melanoma. Filled with thankful gratitude and joy, after three surgeries and much prayer, to hear that the issue had been resolved and she was given more time in this life, Rhoda realized that the most important things to her heart are her family and fulfilling her calling to share her music with the world. Reprioritizing work and worries, she set everything aside to go full time into the direction she felt God was calling her -preparing her music for a world of listeners she knows God has been leading her way. The knowledge that what she thought was the end, was only the beginning, has fueled her efforts to take every possible step forward in the direction of writing and producing  her music, and sharing it with the world.

Last October, Rhoda entered the nation-wide "Sing-Your-Song" songwriting contest hosted by Rixon Entertainment Group in Nashville, TN. As the winner, she won an all expense paid trip to Nashville to produce two of her songs with Dove Award winning, Grammy nominated producer Chris Bevins. This was a life changing event in Rhoda's life and career. Recording was completed this past January and her first single, "Love Me Back To You", just released at the top of April. Her follow-up single Paxton's Song just released April 24th. 


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