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In October, 2019 my life changed forever. On a whim, (and at the very last minute), I entered the nation wide "Sing-Your-Song-Contest" put on by Rixon Entertainment Group based out of Franklin, TN. I had no idea how significant that one decision would be for me. My submission video was chosen as one of 5 finalists. Then, it came down to me and one other amazing duo from New York! For 2 weeks, I waited nervously, as the decision of who the winner  would be rested on the public and their votes during this period of time. It was a total rollercoaster of emotions! I was stunned, humbled, and so excited when the final announcement was made that I was the winner! I don't think I even realized what a huge impact this would have for me and my music. I didn't even know what to expect, I was really walking blind! My winning prize was an all expense paid trip to Nashville (flight and hotel) and the opportunity to record 2 songs with a Dove Award winning, Grammy Award nominated music producer in Nashville (Chris Bevins)! I packed my bags, boarded a plane in Alaska, and spent 10 days in Nashville recording, meeting the most amazing musicians (Brandon Bagby, Brook Sutton, Jared Ribble, and Chris Bevins), producer Chris Bevins, and artist manager/developer (Marcus Rixon and team) in what I consider to be the whole, wide world! All of my nervousness melted away the moment I met these folks, bowed my head in unity with them to ask for the Lord's blessing and anointing over the whole project, and saw them step into action creating and producing music that was not just incredibly amazing....but music that was breathing life into MY SONGS! I was in shock and awe! I literally sat in the studio during those first few moments and wept, moved beyond words. The whole trip was a moment in time I will never, ever forget. I met a group of the most amazing people, who not only love the Lord, are passionate about the work they are doing, and the best at what they do.... but they became friends and family. My heart is so full and I have thanked the Lord continually since returning home for this gracious opportunity and experience. There are no words for how excited I am to share the two songs we recorded with the world! 

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Brand New Single!

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Below is an album of simple recordings, rough and raw, from Rhoda's little log cabin in the woods of Alaska. A collection of self-produced hymns and originals recorded prior to being discovered.

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