We want to see your 


quiet place

Rhoda has a special project in the works. Here's your chance to share the beauty and wonder of your favorite quiet place. You don't have to tell us where it is, or give any identifying information (we wouldn't want you to lose the sacred, hidden silence of your spot). But, here's what we would like for you to do: (if you only feel comfortable doing one of the below that's fine! But, we would LOVE to get submissions back that encompass all of the following:)


- Send a couple photos of your spot that best capture the beauty of what you see when you are there. Please send 1-2 photos without any people in them, as well as 1-2 photos of you in your special place.

- Send video footage of your quiet place that doesn't show any people. 

- Send video footage of you, in your quiet place. Please tell us in the video when and why you go to your special place. Tell us what it is about the place that recharges your batteries and helps you gain focus and inner peace again. Feel free to tell us any special stories that apply or how God has spoken to you, or met with you, in that special place.


- You can submit via Dropbox at the following link:


Or, you can simply try to

- Email them (if you are able to) to info@rhodamusic.com

Please Note: by submitting your photos and videos, you understand that these may be shared online on Rhoda's website and other social media means. You agree to allow Rhoda to use them in her upcoming project.