My Story:

from my earliest memories, i recall scenes of nature. people, not so much. I could feel loved ones near me. I could hear them. But, I do not remember seeing them. rather, my eyes seemed to be fixed on the sky, the trees, the birds. I was hypnotized by the way the wind danced its way over the tall grasses and through the whispering leaves of the birch and poplar trees. The different shadows from the sun, as it cast its light upon the clouds and mountains at various times of the day and seasons. Each hue, still resurrecting the same feeling as the first moment I saw it long ago. The sound of The robins' sing-song, happy conversations back and forth through the tree boughs to each other. The raw crowing of the raven as he stood atop the lofty heights of the slowly swaying spruce trees, stamping the snow covered, winter day with his signature sound. The chirping of the eagle as he soared across the valley almost mocking the raven.